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went there, met thao :D she was pc, cause jieun was sick :( walked around, SO MANY MEMORIES. "cougars know their abc’s in the bathroom. always try your best.." xDDDD met kara, belle, nora, and samantha! :DD heehee our talk. nora, samantha, belle, and me are forever alone. HAHA kara and thao. but nora has tumblr, and samantha has jieun, so i’m the only one forever alone.. sigh. yolanda. heeheehoho. worked at chinese booth, thought i was gonna die. it was torture, then winston donated us some tickets and got free food! then… kara went to go buy some, and then we had a fiesta :D AHEM joey ditched. justin gave out candy to little kids, aww they’re so cute xD but they have hecka attitude… he fell backwards and expected me to catch him, loser. LOL people kept on asking us if we were going out -.- courtney and winston.. people are so.. blegh. me and kara went exploring, i wanted to ride down the slide with her holding hands, but nooo. HAHAHA jk. the petting zoo :D there were sheep and horses 8 years ago.. dang i’m hecka old. i want a pet pig now. EWW WHO WOULD WANT TO PET A DUCK. pretty chickens and big fat rooster. bunnies scream like girls. i loved the pig. got more food. me, thao, and kara are such fatties. otterpops and churros :) i kinda left early. i miss simonds. saw/remembered hecka people there. 1st grade memories with jesse.. sigh. good day.

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