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period1: got tests back. I BEAT JOEY HAHA. it’s his bday tomorrow, but i’m not gonna write him a bday card, cause the last time, he ripped it up… that jerk… fell asleep…
period2: presentation… fell asleep.
period3: went over the house on mango street (thoms) fell asleep…
period4: sit ups and pushups! did 21 pushups, and 75 SIT UPS! :D almost fell asleep.. justin got pushed in the girl’s bathroom. HAHAHA xDD i always knew he was a girl…
lunch: ughh idk anymore. just… blegh. i was sleepy.
period5: fell asleep… i found my math textbook… joey had it the whole entire time jerk… he hid it in a bookshelf.. jerk… did weird things to my backpack… justin betrayed me D:
period6: did math hw. almost fell asleep. i was hungry ._.
afterschool: showed robert my textbook ;) joey tripped on the stairs. HAHA that jerk. track after. practiced hurdles… meet tomorrow.

  1. heykyungful said: make joey a birthday card!!!! :0
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