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period1: boring. test tomorrow… D: it was so loud cause the sophmores came back…
period2: cake :) kaya’s lovely drawing x] we need to make donald duck hehehe
period3: wrote about embarassing moments. mine were too embarassing, and then the teacher asked me to share -.-
period4: ran around the weightroom. tripped and fell on a machine… and started bleeding D: mr shaughnessy did not give me a bandaid D: i asked justin to tell me a sad story :( “once upon a time, there was an ugly girl, and she was so ugly that everyone died. her name was michelle.” -______-
lunch: peter made everyone sing for me. ate cake. and a POTATO SANDWICH. i don’t know what peter and jiho were planning… sighh. stressful. i hate life.
period5: i want to marry justin’s hat. test tomorrow.. sighh. joey’s a jerk.
period6: worksheet. boring. studied for the math test with minno. potato cake! :D
track: hard day… and it was supposed to be a recovery day too.. -______- hehehehe :) pole dancing. i said hello to jieun’s mommy. cakes are good. :D
goodday :) thank you everyone :D

michelle lee.