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memorable memories from 2011


this year wasn’t the best… it was okayish i guess.. until halfway through the year when suddenly everything became all akfhlahdlaudbns. sigh, i wish i could go back and fix every little mistake i made.. i wish i could re-live all those rare moments that made me happy.. if i could rewind my life back to even 6 months ago and fix everything, things would still be alright… everything became so messed up cause of those small mistakes i made…

i’m kinda scared for next year.. what if it’s worse than this year?

i’m gonna try to live 2012 with no regrets. 

but still. i had a lot of unforgettable memories. i’m gonna write some of them down so i can look back on them hehehe
i can’t believe it’s 2012 already.. sigh
please, 2012, don’t let me down. i don’t expect much, cause no expectations= no disappointments, but 2012, please be a better year.. please don’t let me down. please be a happy year :)

  • starting 2011 out praising god during new year party 
  • pmsfg! 
  • getting to know jk, td, kl, ac, nl, hp, sg, sc, sy, jn, an, nt, hk, jk, ak, el, jk, jy, jl, ac, mp, nw, np, ek, jl, ij, th, hl, sy, kk, ck, em, jh (and many more) OH AND SOOJIN’S DAD better! :)
  • TAing for ms skavdahl
  • track! 
  • butt slapping wars 
  • all my super funny hilarious jokes
  • taking stalker pictures 
  • looking for giraffes (thao and i found two hehehe) 
  • giraffes and armadillos 
  • olf and dlf hehehe 
  • potato cake! 
  • walking to bhms
  • going to bret harte and saying hi to MR NESCI and asking him if bob was still there
  • drawing on the whiteboards during math with justin (buff men with a 20pack hehe) and leaving the whiteboards there for the next class to see
  • casino night 
  • hiding in the bathroom hehehe 
  • meeting tom and drew who thao told me to stalk and add on fb heehee
  • 4th period pe with mr shaughnessy hehe 
  • gale and finnick and cinna and peeta and haymitch and CINNA and THE HUNGER GAMES and cinna (HEEHEE AMANDA AND I HAVE TO WATCH THIS) 
  • HAHA the archery unit during pe… 
  • yogurt, sailor moon, lavender and tree 
  • 30 hour famine
  • that one track meet during 30 hour famine where i was so dead and couldn’t do anything HAHA
  • ending the school year as a FRESHMAN
  • vbs with little fourth graders 
  • G-R-A-C-E with taejin, peter, olivia, courtney, grace, and mj appa :)
  • arguing with tim about who little kids like better, me or him hehe of course me!
  • mission trainings 
  • sanguine penguin 
  • going up on the roof…
  • early morning prayer week………………
  • planking 
  • intense dodgeball- mexico vs. cambodia
  • stealing people’s phones during trainings (steve hehe) and hacking their facebooks by writing “i love trees” 
  • going to mexico 
  • meeting the missionary 
  • meeting ISAAC! (: 
  • soon tofus 
  • trying menudo for the first time
  • those bad times during mexico which actually turned out to be good cause they helped me focus better
  • becoming pretty close to somebody but messing everything up.. that’s okay though cause we still talk i guess…
  • me llamo timotheo!
  • meeting perla :)
  • jesuchristo te ama mucho! sigh i felt so bad for tim cause i was such a crappy partner.. haha sorry for being such a big burden to you and the team…
  • arriba! AHAHAHAHA
  • singing along to all those songs in the car rides.. steve and nathan……..
  • volunteering at williams, simonds, and graystone
  • messing up a lot of things… sigh
  • summer retreat 2011
  • all those crazy times with natalia, pauline and catherine HAHA
  • trying to pull an all nighter but failing… CAUSE I GOT SICK SIGH
  • starting the new school year as a SOPHOMORE
  • start of ruined friendships…
  • sigh.. everyone getting asked to homecoming and being a single pringle hehe
  • being a LOVE DOCTOR LOL JK
  • talking to esther and justin too much during monsees and always getting into trouble HAHA
  • nancy… -.-
  • HAHA carpooling with jake and always asking to see his brother.. i’m not weird
  • going to november dcm and roller skating and taking stalker pictures AND I DIDN’T FALL ONCE
  • ice skating… i fell hecka HAHA and my friends fell at least once cause of me..
  • meeting hwie and lynn! sigh i miss both of them.. “cut it out man!”
  • "old school" winter retreat 2011.. best retreat since "forgiven"
  • getting so much closer to all of my girls :)
  • team delilah won first place HAHA even though our skit sucked :O
  • sigh i wish i got closer to a lot more people..
  • getting sick during retreat AGAIN -.-
  • new year party! great way to end this year.
  • OHH and videochatting with all of my lovely friends and seeing KARA LEE from the futureeee!
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