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i’m just so scared of accepting it and assuming that i’m right and believing for even a second that it is me


Haruki Murakami, Kafka on Shore


Haruki Murakami, Kafka on Shore

God, even if my prayers are so, so weak
and so, so selfish
would you still answer them
would you?

Pure love for another person, and what people call romantic love, are two different things. Pure love doesn’t manipulate the relationship to one’s advantage, but romantic love is different. Romantic love contains other elements—the desire to be loved by the other person, for instance. If purely loving another was enough, you wouldn’t suffer because of unrequited love. As long as the other person was happy, there wouldn’t be any need to suffer because you weren’t being loved in return. What makes people suffer is the desire to be loved by another person. So I decided that romantic love and pure love for a person are not the same. And that by following this you could lessen the pain of unrequited love.

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my father told me once to never date anyone who talks smoothly around you from the start because if someone likes you they should be a little nervous and honestly i think that’s some of the best advice anyone has ever given me

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story of my life

story of my life

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I used to call people, then I got into e-mailing, then texting, and now I just ignore everyone.

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everyone is blooming and i am rotting

michelle lee.